Sunday, 21 October 2012

Job Searching Best Applications

With the smartphone revolution in full swing, it is useful to look at the best applications (apps) that you can use the job search. Today, people have less time to lose and want to use smart phones, tablets and other devices in motion to do things that they otherwise would not have the time to do so. One of them is to search and apply for jobs.

In this spirit, we looked at five of the most used applications in your job search.

1. BeKnown

BeKnown is to apply the professional networking giant Monster Jobs Board and is available on iPhone, Android, iPad and BlackBerry. It gives the user the ability to connect with others and update their status (such as LinkedIn). The disadvantage of this application is that it allows you to look for jobs that are available on Monster.

Job search Applications


It is a free application for the Irish job board. With that, you can list your favorite jobs, view job locations on the map and receive notifications of criteria you want. application is particularly useful because it is Irish, but it is currently only available for iPhone.

3. Candidates SAF App

This is an Android Application FAS, the Irish national agencies. It is a simple application of research that allows you to search by keyword, and the county / location. You can share your work via email, Facebook or Twitter. It runs on Android phones and tablets.

4. LinkedIn

Although technically more social networking application job search, because LinkedIn is the world's most extensive network of professionals, it is noteworthy that the job search is also a feature of the application. So not only can you make contacts, browse profiles, and update your status, you can also search for jobs, which can be found at LinkedIn job and save your searches.
Job Search Apps

5. Jobs in real time

Real-time jobs related to research and apply for jobs in the social media giant Twitter. The application allows you to view the work posted on Twitter and ask you to join the CV, social media profile (eg LinkedIn, and more) and even a video resume. This application is currently only available for iPhone.

It is important to note that while these applications are useful in the job search and application, or when you're traveling soon, they should not be used for a complete replacement for the traditional job search, such as online job boards, newspapers and networks in the field. There is no doubt that technology is changing and more and more applications in a job search are available, they are becoming increasingly influential in the 21 century job seeker looking for a job.

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