Monday, 29 October 2012

Online Job Search Portals Importance

Since the advent of the Internet, people started to look for jobs on the Internet. Internet has been able to effectively replace the print media in the job search. Before the Internet was born, employers used to display ads in newspapers and magazines in the hope of finding a suitable candidate for the job. Job seekers were used to wash through the newspapers every week in the hope of finding a job say their dreams. You can work to some extent, because there was no other option, where the match between employers and employees may occur more efficiently.

This system has many pitfalls. First of all, the cost of display ads in newspapers and magazines was high for companies. Large companies can afford to spend money on a list of ads in newspapers and magazines. But what about the small businesses that do not afford to spend much money on advertising? Even companies can afford to spend had to fight the classifieds section of space with other companies on a daily basis. Companies may have openings in many classes. Covering all had a problem. It was not easy to step up the recruitment process. Even the leaves had only limited facilities to serve ads.
Online Jobs portal

Another limitation is the fact that newspapers are very local. They have reached a certain number of people who read newspapers in a city or country. Each city or country was more of the company's press releases, and various people buy different newspapers. It would not be a profitable company to buy advertising space in newspapers. The same restriction applies to job seekers as well. It is not realistic to expect them to buy all the newspapers in circulation and the job search. Even if someone has found a job that suits him, the provision of this position was a hassle.
Online jobs search sites

Online job search sites are to overcome these limitations beautifully. First of all, it is free to advertise search portals for employers. The websites are completely dedicated to the job. Web sites are actually divided into sub-categories so that employers can send the needs of a number of categories. They could easily be extended to the recruitment process. Even small companies are able to contact job seekers without the need to compromise. Another advantage of online job search sites by the employer to the United States to compare and hire a candidate in Japan or India. This system is easy to remove a question is located. Job seeker should know about openings in any part of the world and the search for a suitable job immediately, simply by sending an e-mail to continue the business.

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