Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to Create Your Own Job

The economic situation in recent years, more and more entrepreneurs are emerging in different industries. Although entrepreneurship is an excellent choice, it is not for everyone. So if you are unemployed, but do not want to face the road contractor who will be left outside to collect unemployment? The answer?

Create your own job.

So you might think that this is the same thing as to be an entrepreneur, but it is not. If you like working for someone else you can not find opportunities to start thinking about new positions that employers have not thought of yet. It takes a good amount of research, creativity and determination, but it is possible. If you are unemployed and not even going to interviews with the case, now is the time to get to work and at least try to.
Create your own job

Read your resume. It is not to be sent to potential employers. Carefully and creatively think about what skills really are. Too often people fail to remember to include the acquired outside of normal work. Let's face it. Even the art of social media today, a skill that most people probably do not have their old jobs, but now they have it, they should consider how they can use and profitable.

Make a new list. It is not enough to just look at your resume without work. When you enter new skills on paper, it's a lot easier to see what positions you can create for yourself.

Brainstorm and do not pull down the idea. Describe the criteria you want. Get the idea of working environment, company size, industry, location, etc. Think about what the wish list of jobs.

Research, research, this can be very tedious, but necessary. In the old days, I would have told you to browse the company and the newspaper classified sections, but today, to jump in and start looking. Read the articles on your company's portfolio companies and the industry. Subscribe to the job-site  Study some of the keywords that match your desired job. Even check Craig-list often. Craigslist employment? Yes. Even if you do not think they have what you want, poking around their site can give you more ideas than you can imagine. You may ask: "Is not it like trying to find a needle in a haystack?" Well, it could be, but that's why you need to do steps 1-3 first so that you have a clear idea of what you can afford, what type of business and the industry you want to target, and also the location.
Create own job

Hit the target. After going through these steps, you should be ready to contact potential companies. If you do not trust your creative approach and the sales pitch to sell yourself and your new idea, find someone to be a sounding board, preferably someone who has experienced out-of-the-box marketing.

I will not lie to us. Take this road and create your own job requires courage, patience and perseverance, but more than ... creativity. Stuck in horny to wait for a job to find you will you wait as well? Gone are the days, when people come knocking at your door.

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